First is a video I filmed during the hiking through Via Egnatia along with the Non-Profit Scientif Team "Opsometha Eis Filippous". After filming the whole route, I made the video below and I composed and produced the music. The audio was mixed and master by George Kokoras (

Next is the TV and Radio (audio only) advertisement of the 10th Panhellenic Amateur Astronomy Conference.  The video was produced by Nikos Moustaks, Voice Over by Ioanna Loggaki and I composed and produced the music. Afterwards, the audio was mixed and mastered by George Kokoras  ( 

Yūgen is part of my dissertation project in Ionian University. It was made in collaboration with the great Finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio ( J-P Metsavainio provided me with much of his amazing work (long exposure 3D mapped deepsky images) which I used to compose the music and create this video. I hope you enjoy this interstellar enjoy this interstellar journey inside deepsky supernovas, nebulae and globular clusters! Be sure to watch on full screen and headphones!

Company of stars. That's the name of the first big project that I worked on. I was on my second year in University and it was the first time I "went big" with my music, attempting to compose and orchestrate for such a big (virtual) orchestra. It was a challenge, but (after lots of sleepless nights) I went through! What you are about to watch is a timelapse video showcasing the island of Corfu. It was created by the amazing photographer Bill Metallinos ( after an insane amount of time into the mountains, under the starry skies. The fact that these images are so powerful and vivid, made my imagination fly and the music just came into my mind. Hope you enjoy!

Another video by Bill Metallinos, the creator of Company of Stars. I actually wrote that music in just over an hour of something. The flow of the video and the slow movement of the moon out of the frame somehow "spoke" to me and the music just came to me real quick. I just had to produce it!

The following video is the dissertation project of Maridina Stavroulaki, graduate of Audio Visuals Department of Ionian University. It's a video showcasing the greek island Symi. It was nice to go out of my usual aesthetic and try to implement a more traditional sound.

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